Rigid Carcass Manufacture

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The Name for Rigid Carcasses

Kitchen fitters trust Wilson’s rigid carcasses for their proven quality and competitive prices. Now using state-of-the-art CNC production, Wilson’s manufacturing plant in Nottingham manufactures rigid carcasses to order with unbeatable speed backed 5-day delivery promise.

Quality Kitchen Carcasses

All Wilson’s rigid carcasses are manufactured using high-quality 18mm MDF with damage-resistant melamine resin coating in a wide range of colours. All our timber is sourced from environmentally-friendly managed forest or from reclaim wood to produce an MDF with a high-strength, ideal for the heat and humidity of the kitchen. It’s high tensile strength ensures hinges and fastenings remain solid and stable in a cabinet built to last.

There Is A Reason Why So Many Kitchen Fitters Use Wilson’s

Our customer’s know Wilson’s committed to quality and service runs deep and we never cut corners. All rigid carcasses manufactured by Wilson’s Trade are supplied with XXX Blum softclose XXX hinges and our base kitchen units come with high-quality adjustable legs. Drawerpacks are available with either budget softclose mechanisms or XXX Blum softclose XXX drawers.

Wilson’s Trade

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